Name Description Status
Fog Overrides Gives you the ability to control the fog in game. Active
LangSplit Let's you use two languages in Minecraft. Learn through gaming! Active
Friendly Phantoms Stops phantoms from attacking. Active
Wither Skeleton No Drop Sword Makes wither skeletons not drop them stone swords. Active
The Corgi Mod Adds magical corgis to Minecraft. Yes, they are tamable. Active
Better Tooltips Better tooltips for Minecraft. See durability, food and saturation directly on the item tooltip. Dormant
Faluble Tweaks A Minecraft mod for the Faluble modpack. Adds some modifications and content to the game. Dormant
CB2: All The Things A Minecraft mod that adds a variety of things. Discontinued
Teemo's Client Utilities A Minecraft mod to overhaul the chat and add some client modifications. Discontinued
Teemo's Server Utilities A Minecraft mod to overhaul the chat system, integration with Discord and add some server tools and modifications. Discontinued
Teemo's Tweaks A Minecraft mod that modifies some recipes, changes stack sizes and allows you to check ping from chat. Discontinued
TFICore An experimental Minecraft library to simplify the workflow of modding. Discontinued